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Why You Need A Lace Closure Wig

Why You Need A Lace Closure Wig

It is generally believed that customers would like to buy hair bundles with closure to create a virgin hair wig. We ask some of our old customers why don’t buy hair bundles only they say that lace closure is good to make the whole hair looks as natural as possible. So have you ever think of the question that why you need a lace closure wig?

Basic knowledge about lace closure
Lace closure can be divided into middle part closure and side part. Flattening the hair in the direction you want it to fall. If you want your virgin hair bundles with closure to fall on the side of your face, flat iron the hair in the direction towards the side of your face slowly.

As for the closure size, 4x4 lace closure and 5x5 lace closure are very common in the hair market. We hair factory at first just have the 4x4 size, however, according to some customers review, we make a judgment that comes out the size 5x5. A woman who has small size head or have already sew in human hair weave, they just need a small part to finish the overhead. It can not only save money but also don’t need extra cutting when have lace closure sew in.

Make your wig more perfect
Most Afro American woman likes smooth, natural hair which can show out the unique temperature of themselves. However, lace closure can help you achieve it. After finishing sew in, bleach the knots. It's best to bleaching them to a lighter color which is similar to the color of your hair, then it will create that real scalp effect. What’s more, when applying the lace closure, you can leave some hair and apply 1 or 2 cm behind the hairline, which will make your closure look even more realistic and natural.

Virgin hair is good for you because it can be dyed to any color that you want. So does virgin hair closure. If you have already buy 2/3 hair bundles, lace closure is your alternative.
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