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How To Wash and Care 4C Edges Wig

How To Wash and Care 4C Edges Wig

Patience, gentleness, and daily care are the keywords of good maintenance. The 4C lace wig is an essential hairpiece that aims to obtain a natural rendering. In addition, it offers the possibility of displaying multiple categories of hairstyle. For example, the bun, ponytail, etc. However, as with your own hair, this wig also requires maintenance.
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Remove your 4c Hairline Wig.
Put cold (almost warm) water in your sink and add a mild shampoo to lather.
Immerse the wig and shake it several times without rubbing, while untangling it with the fingers.
Never brush your Type 4c Hairline Wig wet or wet.
Rinse with cold water.
Do not use a hair dryer
Bring a dry towel to remove excess water
Then let the lace wig dry in the open air

Avoid at all costs, the use of fatty and too bright products such as gloss
Bring a styling spray or possibly non-greasy creams
Brush starting with the tips to protect the hair fiber
The systematic application of a nourishing mask for 30 minutes is also essential.
Store your wig lace wig by holding it on a mannequin so that it retains its shape

The lace wig is an undetectable wig that will have a very natural rendering. Even if there are several, it is up to you to make the right choice that meets your expectations. However, it is important to use professionals who know how to better showcase yourself. Because they are able to advise the best type of lace wig according to your face shape.
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