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How To Make T part Wig Look Like Lace Front Wig

How To Make T part Wig Look Like Lace Front Wig

T part wig are becoming more and more popular right now, but someone will much prefer lace front wigs because they think that T part lace wigs tend to look a little bit wiggy at the hairline. So we will show you how to slay the T part wig and make it look like an actual lace front wig with minimal work and effort. If you are new to the T part wig, please keep on reading.

Sometimes when you take out the T part wig from the box, you may think that the hairline is not as realistic as we want it to be. We need to know how to finesse the T part wig if you would like the hair to look super beautiful, super flawless.

Easy way to make T part wig look like a 13x4 lace front wig
It's better to deep condition the human hair T part wig before wearing it. Besides, if you want to keep the natural look of the hair, you can add a little bit of mousse or even a little leave-in condition. But of course, every wig-install starts with styling and melting in the lace in the front.

When it comes to the glueless install, which only requires you to remove the excess lace around the entire front, don't forget to cut out any extra lace around the ears. First of all, pick out our glue adhesive of choice, make a nice thin layer across the front of our forehead, clean up any extra that doesn't belong, then apply the lace on top. After that, we will blow dry the glue.

Now that the wig is bonded down. Go ahead and make it look as flat and smooth as possible. We are sure that you already know the dynamic duo for this step. Pair a wax with the electric hot comb on the highest heat setting and do as many heats passes and take our time and make sure that it is super smooth.

A lot of people think this is overkill, but honestly like as you're doing it, it feels like you're just doing the same thing over and over. When it's all said and done, you'll see how huge a difference it makes when you press that hair out and have it look melted, even in the front.
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