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A Pre-Plucked Hairline Lace Wig: What Is It?

A Pre-Plucked Hairline Lace Wig: What Is It?

A hair wig with a pre-plucked hairline features a natural hairline where the baby hairs have already been removed. Regardless of the type of human hair lace wig, we are all aware that the hair is manually knotted to the lace area. The most crucial aspect is learning how to get a more natural-looking hairline. Because most typical wigs have a noticeable, straight hairline, they tend to look phony. But this question is answered by the pre-plucked hairline wigs. When you receive a plucked wig, you'll notice that the hair length surrounding the hairline is uneven and the top density is significantly lower—exactly like your own natural hairline. A baby hair hairline and flawless baby hair can be achieved by plucking the wig. You can pluck your own hair at home if you wish to, even if you wear a typical hair wig.

How Is A Human Lace Front Wig Plucked?

The following supplies are required: scissors, tweezers, brush, comb, mannequin head, pins, and human lace front wig. 1. The first thing you need to do is determine whether your wig is appropriate when it comes. The wig needs to be changed if it is too big or small. Thus, please do not begin plucking until you are certain that you have the correct size, since you will not be able to return it. 2. Make sure your hairline appears more natural by bleaching the black hair knots on the lace area. 3. Use shampoo to remove the bleach from the lace front when the bleaching process is complete.4. Attach the lace front wig with pins to the mannequin's head. To ensure that it doesn't move, make it tight and firm. 5. Taking off the front lace wig. Using high-quality tweezers, begin plucking hair from one side and proceed to the other, taking care not to remove too much hair. 6. Choose a location for the wig separation. Depending on your preference, part the wig in the middle or on the side.

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