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What Is Type 4 Hair

What Is Type 4 Hair

Every level of type 4 hair differs with unique curls, kinks, and coils. Let’s identify the exact type 4 hair you have to determine.

Up Close and Personal With Type 4 Hairline Wig
At a glance, type 4 hair appears as a mass of tight coils brimming with vitality. This hair type comes with a spongy hair texture that can feel soft and fine or rough and coarse, depending on individual hair thickness.

According to the universal hair typing system, type 4 hair is further divided into three subcategories: type 4a, type 4b, and type 4c hair. As you may have predicted, each subtype has its own quirks and qualities, which we’ll review below.

Type 4a Hair
For type 4a hair, imagine densely packed, S-pattern coils that are as large as crochet needles. When these spirals are loosened, they can pass for type 3c hair.

Type 4b Hair
Unlike the S-pattern of type 4a hair, there’s more of a zig-zag pattern to type 4b hair. It’s often easier to distinguish type 4b hair from curly hair types (type 3a, type 3b, and type 3c), which typically appear as ringlets.

Type 4c Hair
Type 4c hair features unapologetically bold coils that are sublimely springy. The tightest curl pattern of all hair types, these micro coils are reminiscent of the vintage telephone coils on Grandma’s phone.
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