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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Wigs in the Summer

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Wigs in the Summer

There are plenty of wigs you can choose to wear in summer. Your choice will depend on your taste and preference as well as your budget. So whether you are looking for a short, long, curly, or straight wig for summer, you will easily find it. But how can you make sure that you stay cool and comfortable in your wig during summer?
best short wigs for summer
Go for a short wig
Summertime is not the best time to rock your extended wig. Such a wig will only make you feel very uncomfortable. While extended wigs look fabulous, they tend to be hotter and more prone to a sweaty scalp. When your scalp sweats a lot, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if you don’t wash it more often. So the rule of the thumb is to go for shorter wigs in summer. The shorter, the better. Try to keep the hair off your neck as much as possible. There are plenty of short hairstyles you can try.

Wear the right wig cap
Even if you have plenty of wig caps, you can still invest in one, especially if you do not have a hand-tied wig cap. Traditional wig caps are generally 100% hand-tied, making them a bit warm to the skin. They can also keep you cool and comfortable, thanks to their in-ventilation features, so you don’t have to worry about sweating too much when the sun is very hot.

Maintain and wash your wig regularly
One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to wigs is that they don’t wash their wigs in time. Wigs must be regularly washed, especially in summer when the weather is hot and you are more likely to sweat and oils can get clogged in your scalp and your wig’s hair strands. How frequently you wash your wig depends on how frequently you wear it. If you wear your wig more often, you should wash it more frequently.
Summer Colored Wigs
Go for lighter colors
Another trick that can help you stay cool and comfortable in your wig during summertime is to wear wigs that are lighter in color. If you love dark-colored wigs, summer is not the best time to wear them. You can imagine how you will feel when wearing black during the summer.

Darker colors generally attract and absorb more heat and light. That’s why it is not advisable to go for dark-colored wigs during summertime. This is the time to switch to lighter colors. They won’t absorb as much light and heat from the sun as dark-colored wigs. There are plenty of light-colored wigs you can opt for, including blonde, ombre, etc.

Avoid chlorine and saltwater as much as you can
Of course, summertime is the perfect time to stay at the beach and immerse yourself in water, making it quite hard to resist water. Chlorinated and salty water is not good for your wig. It can significantly damage your wig. That’s why you should stay away from such water as much as you can. While it is hard to do that, especially in summer, at least try.
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