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How To Bleached Knots On A Wig For Beginners

How To Bleached Knots On A Wig For Beginners

What Are Knots In A Wig? Wig knots refer to the tiny clusters(looks like black dots) of hair strands that are secured to the wig cap. When lace wigs are constructed, whether they are closure, frontal, or full lace wigs, the hair strands are tied onto the wig cap's lace material. Wig knots are typically located at the base of the hair strands where they attach to the cap. The knots are visible which can make the hairline look less natural. To achieve a natural scalp, many wig wearers choose to bleach or tint the knots to match the color of their scalp. Bleached Knots Wigs helps to lighten their appearance, making them less noticeable and giving the wig a more natural hairline.
Pre Bleached Knots Wig
It's important to note that bleaching the knots, while improving the wig's appearance, can weaken the lace material and knots, so care should be taken during the process to prevent damage.
Bleached Knots Wig

How To Bleached Knots On A Wig: A Beginner-Friendly Tutorial

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair
Clean your human hair wig and ensure it is totally dry. Comb the wig to remove any knots.

Step 2: Prepare the Bleach Mixture
In the mixing bowl, combine the bleaching powder or cream with the developer following the package instructions. Use a brush to stir the mixture until it forms a smooth creamy consistency. When you scoop it up with the brush, it is not falling off like water which means that it is not gonna seep through the lace easily and get on the natural hair.

Step 3: Apply the Bleach to the Wig
Put on your gloves to protect your hands. Lay the wig flat on your work surface with the lace facing up. You can use a butter knife or the back of a spoon to apply the mixture to the place where the knots are located. Start along the hairline of the lace, just smeared, not scraping it with a heavy hand. Then cover all the areas where the knots are visible evenly. Turning the lace around to make sure that did bring the bleach forward enough to cover every single knot along the hairline. Avoid getting bleach on the actual hair strands, as this can damage the hair.

Step 4: Wrap the Wig
Take an aluminum foil and wrap the wig, leave it for about 45 minutes. This will prevent the bleach from drying out and help it process evenly. The processing time will vary depending on the wig's lace type and color, so it's essential to monitor the progress throughout.

Step 5: Check and Reapply
After the desired lightness is achieved, carefully remove the foil. Part throughout the lace to make sure that the knots in the back are bleaching as well because the knots along the hairline are always going to bleach quickly and easier than the knots along the back. If there are still some knots that were not bleached perfectly, you can apply a little bit of developer to soften the knots up to get any last knots for 10 minutes.

Step 6: Wash and Dry
Finally, rinse the wig thoroughly with cold water to remove all of the bleach. Then wash and condition the wig to restore moisture and keep it looking healthy. Allow the wig to air dry on a wig stand or a mannequin head.

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