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What’s the Difference Between Deep Wave Wig And Water Wave Wig

What’s the Difference Between Deep Wave Wig And Water Wave Wig

Nowadays, human hair wigs is very popular and important among black women. All of us love to wear human hair weave and wigs, right? But do you know the differences of each texture of hair since there are so many types of hair weave?

Deep wave wig and water wave wig has similar curl pattern. If you are still unsure as to which style to get, then it is important to know that both deep wave and water wave are equally a great pick.

Both the two hair textures provide a similar look and feel; however, the main difference is that the water wave tends to boost a curlier look. Do you know how to tell the two hairstyles? Today, we will share with you the difference between deep wave wig and water wave wig.

What Is Deep Wave Wig
The deep wave curl pattern is close to the water wave pattern. Loose deep wave hair is also very pleased by African American customers with tight curls, but a little neater compared with water wave for the curl type.

What Is Water Wave Wig
Water wave wig got its name based on its characteristics. It is extremely sleek, effortless and flows just like water. This is why it has become so famous over a recent couple of years.Water wave hair has a wave design that is progressively articulated because of the waves being woven nearer together. The texture of water wave hair is similar to that of the waves on the water surface. It has large curls which give it a natural look and make it look more elegant and classy.

What’s The Difference Between Deep Wave And Water Wave?
Although deep wave and water wave wig have an almost similar structure and texture of curls which makes it difficult for people to differentiate between the two of them when we look deeply into them, both are quite different from each other.

Curl Pattern
The curl pattern of water wave hair does not run in one direction. Deep wave hair pattern is although similar to that of water wave hair but is a bit neater than compared to water wave hair.

Because the curls of the water wave hair are positioned in one direction, it gives them more volume as compared to deep wave hair which is relatively flatter than the water wave hair.

If you want to look bomb and eccentric, then you should go for water wave hair but if you are looking for a sweet and romantic look then you should pick deep wave hair.
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