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What Are The Features Of HD Lace Wigs

What Are The Features Of HD Lace Wigs

HD lace wigs simply mean wigs made by hd lace frontal which is undetectable and invisible. HD lace frontal is a new trend in the market. mslynn hair official mall supplies HD lace wigs with affordable price, Today let us share with you about the features of HD lace wigs.

1. Pre-Plucked Wigs For Women. When people shop a wig, They want to buy a wig that looks natural. Our wig has a clear pre-plucked hairline when you wear our wig which is just look like your own hair grows out of your head.

2. HD Lace Frontal. It is a new kind of swiss lace which is transparent. No matter which skin you are, It is easy to make up as your own.

3. Bleached Knots. When the master sew human hair in the lace, It will be a knot on it, These knots can be bleached. This can make the wig looks more natural not fake.

4. Baby Hair Around. In order to make the wig looks natural, We make baby hair around which used to decorate your forehead.

5. 100% Human Virgin Hair. All the hair we use on the wig is real human hair natural black without chemical and unprocessed. You can bleach, Dye, Or perm your wig into any style you like.

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