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How To Clean Your Human Hair Bob Wigs

How To Clean Your Human Hair Bob Wigs

As we talk about human hair extension, there are many styles that can be selected such as curly wave, deep wave, straight hair, and water wave. But the Bob Wigs is the one liked by a number of users. Here are some care tips that can help you to care your human hair Bob Wigs.

How To Clean Your Short Bob Wigs
In order to maintain the health of the short bob wigs, we must first make sure that the hair is clean. Correct and regular time to clean hair is essential for healthy scalp and hair. Different scalps need different frequencies of cleaning. Hence cleaning is very important. Use a gentle shampoo and wash gently to the ends from the scalp. Do not rub your short bob lace front wig harshly.

How To Care For Human Hair Bob Wigs
After cleaning, taking care of your human hair bob wigs is very essential. Select the correct conditioner for your wig. Make sure to use conditioners and shampoos that are appropriate for human hair bob wigs.

Under normal conditions, like our own wig, the ends of the wigs are most prone to damage and dryness. They are the oldest hair. Please apply more conditioner on the ends. Let the conditioner rest on your hair for minimum 5 minutes. For hair that is usually dry or damaged severely, we can increase the time to 15–20 minutes.

How To Style Your Bob Wigs
When washing your bob lace front wig, be sure to use your fingers to come the hair. Then comb the hair with a broad-toothed comb. This does not cause hair to fall off and can reduce tangles. As with all hairstyles, when you comb your bob lace front wigs, be sure to begin from the tip and gradually comb up to the hair root. Please do not comb the hair with a fine tooth.

It is recommended using a hair curler to shape the hair and dry the hair at a low temperature with a hair dryer. This will keep your hair style for a long time. It is not suggested to straighten the hair as this might damage the wig more.

In addition to this, user shampoo, conditioner, wide tooth comb, hair dryer, and hair care essential oil for properly maintaining your wig.
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