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What Are The Features Of Highlight Lace Wigs

What Are The Features Of Highlight Lace Wigs

The Highlight wig is a mixed color wig. You will find more than one color on it. Honey blonde plus black, burgundy plus black, and more colors. Compared to pure color wig, Compared to a pure color wig, the highlight is stylish and special. Some beauty influencers even color it at random, then get a colorful wig. It’s cool.

The features of highlight lace wigs
Mixed color wig. Wigs are fashion products, we produce it because of customers’ needs. The highlight is a new fashion. I think you can try it now.


You can adjust the color by yourself. The color is changeable. If you want to add more colors on the wig, it’s fine. It’s won’t affect your beauty. Highlight lace front wigs can be categorized according to the following three aspects

1 The location of colored hair
You can color it as you like. There are two main ways to color it. First, the top of the wig is pure color, and the below is colored hair. This is top-below highlight. Second, pick a small part of the hair, color it from top to tail. Just like the picture above. This is a left-right highlight.

2 The color of the wig
If the wig is more than one color, then is a highlight. First, you just use two colors. Second, you color it with three or more colors.

This is a simple classification, if you want to count the colors of the wigs in detail, you may find Hundreds of types.

3 the texture of the wig
Straight hair wig. If you don’t like a wave wig, just choose straight hair wig.

Body wave hair wig. Body wave hair is the most popular product all the time.

Loose wave hair wig. Loose wave wig is also fashionable and classic.

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