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How Is The Glueless Lace Wigs Work

How Is The Glueless Lace Wigs Work

For most people who often wear wigs, the biggest concern is whether the wig with glue will hurt your skin, and you are tired of the wig that requires glue. Most wigs come with glue to permanently attach them to your head. Even if the wigs are 100% friendly to the skin, we can never be sure of them as they can also have some bad effects. So how do we put a wig on our head without glue?

Maybe you have encountered problems with wig gels in the past, or you are just looking for a safer alternative, so there are many ways to fix glueless lace wigs without any damage. Read on and we will provide you with all relevant information.

How to apply glueless lace wigs
Lace wigs usually come with clips. There is usually one on top of the head, and one in the back toward the nape of your neck.

These clips can also be easily re-positioned to the regions which you are comfortable with. Just simply cut and sew them back on.

The wig clip is attached to your natural hair like a hair clip. They are best used when the wig already has a nice, snug fit.

Wig tape
Wig tape is an adhesive for fixing wigs. However, wig tape is generally not as strong or damaging as wig glue. Wig tape is a great alternative to glue. These are easily removable and can help your skin breathe.

Then smooth all the hair along your hairline back, put a thin layer of liquid band air or scalp protector on the skin right below your hairline. Now you can peel off the protective paper from the wig tape and stick the wig to your natural hairline. Gently press this area for 5 to 10 seconds to make the wig firm and natural.

Elastic bands
Many wigs come with elastic to easily wear them anytime you want but many others don’t. If your wig doesn’t come with an elastic band then you can sew on horizontally along the back of your wig. This is best suited for people who have accidentally bought wigs that are a few sizes bigger.

Through the elastic band, now you can wear and remove your glueless wigs anytime you want.
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